What is Deep

Designing with the human experience in mind

In this era of fast changing consumer behaviours and disruptive product innovations, companies are dealing with new, complex business challenges every day.

A significant chunk of the problems – especially the complex, wicked problems – link back fundamentally to being social or human issues. Design is hence then an act of not just designing objects and processes but essentially the act of designing human behaviour patterns.

However, human beings are complex to fathom, and their motivations are not easily visible. Hence its matters how deep we look into that human space, using tools to study culture and psyche.

With over two decades of experience in human insighting, we have learned from hundreds of real marketing, brand and product successes-- and failures-- that asking the right questions in order to define the real challenge can make all the difference in designing a sustainable solution.

At Quantum, we bring greater clarity by helping businesses better articulate their problems from a cultural and consumer lens as well as solve for them by providing tangible answers using our thinking framework of Deep DesignTM – a rigorous, creative, collaborative process between Quantum and its business partners.

What is Deep DesignTM ?

Our process of Deep DesignTM involves a step-by-step in-depth assessment of culture, behaviour, processes and knowledge. It is the act of solving problem at a fundamental human level.

Our human sensemakers make meaning of the landscape we’re operating in by sieving through small and big data, helping us understand consumers, culture & their context with unrivalled clarity.

Our design strategists, working with a pool of experts, compile the resulting insights to manifest tangible and actionable solutions for brands and businesses.

How Deep DesignTM works?

Deep Design employs a 4-step process.

  1. We start by immersing into in the world of consumers – not only their lives but also the context and ecosystem in which they operate in to meaningful human insights.
  2. We employ these insights to define the exact nature of the problem we are trying to solve. This helps us define a roadmap to arrive at a solution.
  3. Through an iterative, dynamic process of ideation we believe in using the collective power of a cross functional team, including consumers as bouncing boards to co-create ideas.
  4. We leverage an extensive network of experts across a wide variety of disciplines, to build and design clear and measurable blueprints of action.

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