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The context of Social Media

Facebook's reach and usership in Indonesia is on the rise and indubitable; the numbers speak for themselves. To support their advertising pitches and inform content creation for clients, Facebook wanted to go beyond that to understand why and how social media is being used in Jakarta and in cities outside of Jakarta, and how this compares to traditional media.

To deep-dive beyond the numbers, Quantum conducted ethnographic immersions into consumers' in-home and out-of-home social media touchpoints, for over 104 hours. Week long Whatsapp diaries were conducted to capture live social media usage and the mood states associated with it. 

Our findings showed that social media motivations and usage differed across geographies, life stage, gender, and social context. By observing branded and unbranded content engagement, we could suggest marrying scale and depth for targeted marketing across Jakarta, Palembang, Medan, Bandung and Makassar. 

While engagement with traditional media was passive and habitual, engagement with social media is active and people-driven. Understanding social media's competitive advantage as providing consumer choice and inspiration, we could then recommend designing for mobile specific platform innovation. 

Lastly, we traced a cross-platform loop engagement from content discovery to purchase decisions, allowing us to create recommendations for platform stickiness by closing this loop.

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