Snacking - A
new product
launch in China

Creating a positioning and personality for a new brand looking to enter an already crowded snacking category in China

We identified culturally resonant & emerging youth archetypes, which could be used as jumping off points for brand personality creation. New opportunity spaces were thus identified to disrupt an otherwise crowded yet staid category

1. Youth personalities are diverse & distinct in contemporary China. They range from ‘adorable’ to ‘admired’, which are further divided into enduring or short - lived

2. The big insight was to leverage this diverse youth personality to build a brand that speaks to various tribes through customised yet unexpected flavour combinations

The brand thereby differentiated itself from competition while finding deep relevance in consumer’s lives

Quantum designed the positioning strategy which was expressed through a brand concept, product brief & e-commerce execution principles

The new brand was launched within 14 months of its conception across 3 formats and 14 SKUs and marked a new category entry into snacking for our client

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