Skin Care -
between city &
upcountry Thai

A skin whitening beauty brand had always targeted the urban millennial in Thailand by portraying aspirational imagery of the modern woman. But as the brand growth was coming from non-metro millennials, the narrative needed to be more reflective of the ‘upcountry’ millennials – their lives, aspirations & struggles.

We used a mix of digital/ social media scans and FGDs with millennials in both Bangkok & ‘up-country’ to unearth differences in lifestyles, aspirations, anxieties and stories in order to understand how these factors impact the role of beauty & skin tone in their lives.

Through this analysis we were able to build a narrative of both ‘upcountry‘ & Bangkok millennials in order to find resonant creative hooks for execution of the brand idea.

Built an ‘upcountry’ narrative, helping to identify in what areas the differences between Bangkok & ‘upcountry’ can be reconciled and how it can inform creative briefs as well as the media and content strategy.


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