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We are very excited to launch the latest edition of ‘Quantum Originals’ - our syndicated series of reports that investigates complex cultures, shifting consumer values and demystifies the impact of milestone events in consumer lives

New Formations 2020 explores the real impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on the psyche of Indian consumers.

COVID-19 is a never-before-event at the conflation of multiple forces; pandemic, recession, humanitarian crisis.

This is a complex and confusing period, for consumers and marketers alike. And despite the mountain of information available, there’s ambiguity on the real impact of the multiple forces acting on consumers.

What does this report aim to do?

This report is a demystification of the real impact of the current crisis on the psyche of Indian consumers.

We assess how old beliefs are being disrupted and provide insight into 9 NEW ATTITUDES/ MENTAL MODELS being formed. The report also defines key principles and directives for brand engagement emerging from each of these 9 mental models.

Who is it for?

This report will be useful for anyone marketing to Indian consumers or working with Indian citizens and maybe considering communication or brand action in the near to medium term

How did we do this?

This report has been analysed by applying three lenses:
1. Psychological understanding: To study the psyche in crisis
2. Cultural analysis: To decode patterns in consumer behaviour
3. Digital Ethnography, User Generated Content and Desk Research: As Key data Feeds

What makes our work different from the many reports out there?

Our approach is guided by the idea of DEEP DESIGN - Deep human insighting.

It is:
• Designed for actionability: Via consumer engagement principles we provide a guide on how to engage NOW
• Multi-disciplinary lens: Consumers seen through a lens of Psychology, Culture and Behavioural Economics
• Authored by an expert team: Authored by Insights & Strategy thought leaders with experience across sectors

How can I know more?

This report is intended to serve as a strong handbook for marketers in the near to medium term even as the crisis persists and it is available for now for purchase.

If you would like to hear more watch the Quantum panel discussion where the report’s authors discuss how consumers are interpreting and internalising current covid-19 experiences.

The Partners at Quantum are happy to discuss what the report delivers and what went into creating it in detail.

You can get in touch with them or write to Christina Ghose at or +91-9900591999 for details.


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