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new concept

To relaunch an existing brand and deploy it through a new Masterbrand proposition, concepts targeting various customer groups – Experts/Contractors/ Manufacturers/End Customers and develop a communication/sales strategy to forge a better connection with B2B customers.

We developed a multi-phased approach involving stakeholder interviews, 4-hr immersions, group discussions and workshops. The findings from immersions and group discussions were used to build EMPATHY in client workshop which spring boarded into CO CREATION OF CONCEPTS, that were tested and refined in the SUBSEQUENT RECYCLING SESSIONS.

1. The needs across various customer groups varied significantly – B2B customers were motivated by money and growth of business whereas end customers and contractors were motivated by savings of material costs
2. The challenge was to find positioning that not only synced with the international heritage of the brand, but also create new and meaningful reasons for brand choice, while also harmonising the needs across various segments

Quantum along with key partners crafted the Masterbrand proposition along with various other deliverables such as concepts for various customer groups as well as a sales strategy. Quantum’s workshopping techniques helped leverage the experience and energy of various stakeholder groups and also achieve alignment on the final strategy.

Product & Brand development are on track to launch in 2019.


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