Leading purpose
campaigns to
drive behaviour

Our Client wished to understand what hot buttons to press in the consumer’s imagination of the problem of air pollution in Delhi. This was towards bringing about fundamental behaviour change and thereby, positively impacting air quality

We met Delhiites across age bands and life stages to understand their city equity of Delhi, their imagination and understanding of the issue of air pollution, behaviour and measures that they adopt to counter the situation

1. We noted that there was a ‘learned helplessness’ towards Air Pollution as it was considered too macro a problem to be engaged with

2. The big insight was to bring the concern closer to home and streamline the issue – spell out the villains, spell out the solutions.
The consumer needed to be provoked

Quantum designed clear Jobs to Be Done at four levels:
Government and policy
Government and civil bodies
Government and businesses/corporates

Basis this learning, the Client is building their next communication for the Help Delhi Breathe campaign.
The learning is also informing their strategy to ensure policy level changes in the city.



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