Jewellery -
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In the year 2016, till the month of August, the consumer demand for jewellery was tepid. The growth of brand leader Tanishq was way below target. In keeping with the trends, the Client anticipated a lackluster Diwali. However, in order to gauge the mood of the nation, they commissioned a sentiment study to understand consumer attitudes to the biggest jewellery buying festive season of Diwali.

Using our proprietary sentiment model, which takes into account macro-factors (economic, social, cultural) and its underlying impact on individuals' buying decisions, we were able to foresee a completely different story. Consumers were in the mood for a big and bold Diwali and they were keen on making it a grand and special occasion. They wanted to splurge on gold and they wanted big, heavy and impactful pieces of gold jewellery. Consumers rued the fact that while the sanction for consumption was growing, the sanctity of the festival was on the decline. They wished for the festival to be “like it should be”- colourful, impactful, collective and complete with gifting of jewellery.

This was counter intuitive to many in the Tanishq team. However, they decided to go with what the consumer sentiment was telling them. Tanishq launched the Tanishq wali Diwali campaign, that clearly depicted the defining mood and sentiment of the nation. They also decided to showcase big pieces of gold jewellery and gifting.

Tanishq witnessed a whopping 39% growth during the festive season, and achieved the highest sale in a single month.
Post the Diwali campaign the brand had the highest awareness score ever.
The Client also met their yearly targets for the first time in 5 years.


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