Infant food -
proposition &
new concept

To relaunch an existing brand and deploy a new portfolio through a new masterbrand proposition, variant concepts & brand mascot

We created an immersive experience for the client in order to identify emerging motherhood tensions, which resulted in the masterbrand proposition, which was later fleshed out through variant concepts

1. Legacy benefits dominated the category, with brain development as the staple. We looked past these dominant benefit spaces to identify emerging trends around infant physical development

2. We conducted further work along with the internal R&D team to create ingredient mixes and claims that can support the proposition, along with further work on brining the brand to life

Quantum along with key partners crafted the masterbrand proposition along with various other deliverables such as variant concepts, brand personality, consumer profiles and continue working with the client on developing the brand’s expression

Product & Brand development are on track to launch in 2020


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