Hair care -
discovering an
opportunity for
an anti-ageing
hair care range
in Japan

We adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the lifestyle, attitudes and needs of the ageing consumers in Japan.

We started by understanding the ageing landscape in Japan by looking into overall codes of ageing by looking into pop culture, magazines and advertising. We identified the emerging ways in which ageing is depicted and the changing language around it.
We then segmented the ageing consumers based on key values, attitude towards ageing, lifestyle markers, aspiration, anxieties and how these are reflected in their self-care / personal care routine.
We tested several product concepts to identify which one best fulfils their hair care needs and usage habits.

1. We helped identify the most promising target profile for our client's offering based on their attitude towards ageing, self-care and expectations from hair care.
2. Proposed the right format for the product range as well as design principles in terms of product design, colours, descriptors and product name.
3. Defined some principles with regards to visual and verbal cues around ageing.


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