Fighting Dengue

Designing a product range anchored in deeply held cultural notions

Unilever wanted to design a range of mosquito management products that can effectively fight dengue and malaria, both of which continue to be major health problems in Indonesia.

Quantum spent more than three months understanding and decoding the consumer, their home and neighbourhood space, as well as their relationship with pests and pest control.
We discovered that the biggest anxiety was to be locked in and choked, in an Indonesian world that was very social, porous, with an open, clean and orderly home. As a result, we decided to break away from the category narrative of fear, and defined the movement of the category into the space of motivation, to live openly, freely, with cleanliness and order.

Quantum worked on designing the brand, and the entire range of products built around the principles of openness, freedom, and cleanliness – the very antithesis of the initial brief. The range has undergone multiple rounds of evaluation, development, and fine-tuning, and will soonbe launched in Indonesia.

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