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Earlier our client looked at encouraging children to have real experiences through outdoor play. However, in order to thrive in a competitive environment, they wished to engage better with mothers by addressing broader tensions in their lives and hopefully connect with them at a deeper level.

The Indonesian mother is in a challenging environment and wants the best for her child. Understanding the broader motivators by zooming out, is key.

1. We spoke to mothers and explored the idea of a life fully lived – and what it meant to consumers. Gathered situations, scenarios and real examples from their lives
2. This body of learnings was clustered and codified into themes, in order to help identify patterns and specific focus areas – 5 key themes emerged with 3 being more urgent

By immersing ourselves in the consumers lives, we were able to generate stories and narratives around consumers that were broad. The method also allowed the consumer to direct conversation into areas they felt passionately about, and not be restricted in any manner.

Created pointed inputs for a creative brief for the agency – replete with examples that would help in the final execution


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