Cooking aid -
new positioning

To create positioning and communication for a new brand of cooking aid to be launched in Indonesia. The market is commoditised with well entrenched players and little or no product differentiation. The need was to create compelling positioning backed by motivating and relevant product attributes linked to human needs and tensions.

We started the research with a number of co-authored cooking videos corresponding to various recipes where the cooking aid was used, recorded by consumers themselves with open ended narration, not just describing the recipe, but also describing the serving occasions in great detail, elaborating the dynamics and emotions in each occasion. Analysis of these videos plus follow up telephone conversations revealed a number of underlying opportunities – not just discrete but also powerful as they unearthed specific tensions & emotions. These helped interrogate the positioning concepts that the client had developed, refine them before they went into Sequential Recycling sessions. The recycling sessions further helped finetune and challenge existing beliefs and market norms.

1. Cooking needs and motivations in Indonesia are varied depending on the occasion. Convenience is an underlying need given the current lifestyle.
2. But there is the yearning for the past, home-styled cooking, mothers’ recipe and for a sensorial celebration and enjoyment of food
3. The promise of these higher order needs tightly linked to product attributes but tapping into mothers’ deeper motivations helped us create concepts that are differentiating and persuasive

Quantum optimised the positioning strategy which was expressed through a brand concept and packaging. The multi-method approach coupled with consumer involvement, co-creation, and the seamless collaboration with client and Quantum through all stages of research helped craft a unique platform for the brand.

The new brand and communication will be launched soon


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