Our Story

It was the year 1990, a time when the old had not fully relinquished its hold on the world. India was about to open up to a world of possibilities, although quite tentatively. Status quo and patriarchal mindset in management was not easy to change at the time.

It was not an obvious choice for three women to float a specialist Qualitative Research Company… but they were full of beans and high on belief. So, that is exactly what they did – set about converting the reluctant into believers – one insight at a time.

As Quantum expanded, its most important achievement came to light. An authentic culture that was true to a feminine style of management and carried the emotional and intuitive qualities that women use to manage complexity and diversity was fostered in the workplace. Eclectic and supportive; where one could be oneself and discover oneself. There was freedom and there was an empowering responsibility. It was easy to feel ownership and it wasn’t out of place for the youngest executive to walk into the founder’s office with a proposition on how to transform the business. The office spaces exuded warmth, passion and involvement rather than cold and hard-nosed ‘productivity’ at any cost. This idea of a supportive workplace that gathered kindred spirits has long been the soul of Quantum.

And then growth happened! With operations in five countries and having become a multi-divisional company, we moved into a new world order. We were in a global playing field, competing with the best agencies in the world. We became multi-cultural, making rapid strides in learning new ways of insighting and even new ways of business.

A few years down the line, we needed to confront the brutal truth – that our culture had started to change and that growth was shaping our culture rather than vice versa. And then, by embarking on a collective journey of soul searching we tried to reclaim our mojo.

In a unique process, a vision was co-created with input from every single one of the two hundred and twenty strong team in Quantum. Incredibly, what we heard from everyone was unanimous – to pursue, rediscover and reimagine a more meaningful role for us to play. From this was born our renewed imagination to guide us into the future:

Quantum’s vision is To design a better future with brave new thinking.
Governed by our defining values:

  1. Ethical winning
  2. Thriving in diversity
  3. Audacious exploration
  4. Inspired craftsmanship
  5. Creating joy

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