Our Purpose

What we are driven by

For us creating a better future is exciting because it’s about Potentiality. We are here to navigate that happy friction between what is and what could be. We are driven by the intriguing idea that there is a better way and we are here to enable it. Our imagination of a better future is defined by our desire to create positive impact in the world by inspiring responsible marketing and business choices

Through our work, we will use our thinking to push powerful alternatives that enable responsible choices. Not one that is out of sync with business reality but one that uses the power of insight to reward all stakeholders and make it a win-win: The Self (people at Quantum), Stakeholder (The company/Partners) and Society.

How do we do it

Our way is the way of the Human Provocateur. We care deeply about our work, problems we commit to solving. Because we care, our mission is not to sedate, but to awaken (to quote the great George Lois). Our way is the way of original thinkers who go beyond just creative thinking and unleash creativity to provoking meaningfully.

Living is insighting. Our way is bringing our whole selves to work and not disregarding one’s personality. We want all of it. Our people are foragers of knowledge which they gather by simply experiencing the world. We encourage people to be who they really are and bring this to the forefront of work.

Gathering at the Chef’s table: We work together. Because it elevates our creativity, learning and joy. It brings complementary strengths together, creates wider ownership and even encourages healthy risk-taking.

What we do

Insights illuminate, inform and inspire. Human-centered design gives purpose and tangibility to insights by leveraging their power in solving problems. We journey from problem to solution using the process of Human-centered design.

We begin by putting the Human at the center. And that means understanding humans in the deepest possible way. We push to find new lenses into human motivations, behavior and thinking in order to discover the human truth. By translating this human truth to impact, we create value and thereby solve for the most challenging and complex problems or opportunities.

We are Humanists who Design.

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