Dr Meena Kaushik
Founder and Board member

Meena started her journey as an academic studying rituals and symbolism of the death rituals of the Hindus. She did extensive fieldwork amongst the Dom’s of Varanasi . This was for her doctoral dissertation from the Delhi School of Economics.

She ventured into qualitative research by accident and fell in love with the discipline. She found that being an anthropologist in this sphere deepened the understanding of consumer behaviour, consumer culture and consumer psyche.

Her stint with IMRB as a consultant soon became a full fledged interest and she helped to found the Qualitative division for MARG as a Director of Qualitative Research.

Methods of Social Anthropology, Semiotics and Social Psychology were adapted and applied to qualitative research and the qualitative business in India was given a new credibility and respect

In 1990 she left to begin Quantum with Srilekha Agarwal and Meera Vasudevan. It was the inception of a pure qualitative research company the first of its kind in India and Asia. It was the birth of a new consciousness and value around the qualitative discipline in India.

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