About the Logo

The quantum is the smallest unit in the universe that is both energy and matter. The quantum signifies that there is motion inside matter. All that appears solid and unmoving is actually a soup of energy in motion.

The logo represents the universe and the quantum through the larger and smaller circles in grey and yellow. The colour qrey signifies the solid and unmoving aspect of matter and the colour yellow the energy oscillations within matter.

In nature, all times and all frequencies are due to the quantum of action. All processes that take time are quantum processes. Without the quantum, there is no action, no oscillations, and no waves.

The logo represents the relationship between the two as one of interdependence and potentiality. The quantum creates and sustains the multiple universes and realities that coexist at any point in time.

In our work we believe our endeavour is to understand the past, existing and potential realities in depth as they impinge on our behaviour for the present and in the future. The role of insighting is to understand the true nature of reality… apparent and subtle; manifest and not manifested; conscious and unconscious.

The colours of the logo represent facets of a multi level reality that need exploration. The circles also point to the holistic nature of the inquiry and the 360 perspective that must be brought to bear on any inquiry.

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