Singapore –
Masterclass in
Human Centred

Quantum conducted a Masters’ class in Human Centred Design (HCD) with the students from NTU’s Master of Science in Marketing & Consumer Insight Programme. We spoke to them about the HCD approach to problem solving through lateral thinking and the lens of the human perspective.

Sharanya Sitaraman and Jocelyn Sie from Quantum Singapore shared design thinking case studies from leading firms such as Bosch, Haier and Grab to demonstrate the importance and impact of HCD. Using Quantum projects, we showcased the actual process of design thinking and how it’s critical to view every study from a human-led lens.

To reinforce learnings and give students a chance to apply what was shared, they were given a clients’ brief to redesign a payment solution. The task was not only having to identify the target segments, but students also had to dig deeper into the innate and latent human needs accompanying each segment so as to design a solution that is needed, rather than superficially wanted.

Quantum believes solving design problems through a HCD lens can help ensure the effectiveness, relevance, longevity, and sustainability of solutions.


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