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On July 26 we hosted clients and partners for a workshop on loneliness.
Our intention for the session was to introduce the topic, with the aim to identify key ‘tribes’, their dilemmas and solve them using an industry lens.

We used Brand Purpose as the organising principle and investigated how various industries such as Sleep, Pet Care & Dating might solve some of the issues that affect youth in urban China. We conducted quizzes, collected loneliness tips, ideated and arrived at the following ideas:

- PetBnB for volunteers who take care of your pets while you travel and live your life. The core purpose of the business was to use pets as a bridge to connect to other furry and non - furry friends in your neighbourhood and beyond.

- Bed talk – An AI based chat bot with an interactive dialogue feature that allows you to talk, play and interact with the bot just before going to sleep. In doing so, it allows for emotional unburdening and a good night’s sleep.

- A co-living space aimed at ‘experimental singles’, which have tried and failed at dating apps. The space simulates real life dating and live-in relationships and puts together people with similar activities and interests.

There were also an assortment of great thought-starter loneliness tips that were shared with us at the beginning of the session:
- Do some physical exercise so you can sweat and enjoy
- Cook a good meal for yourself
- Call one of your silly, funny friends
- Watch a movie at night, with wine
- (And our favourite) – Watch videos of your favourite cat on their public account



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