Delhi -

Three Associates in the Delhi Hive, Kavya Narain, Puruvi Baraya, and Rishika Basu Majumdar are working with Aftab Kaushik, for Mission Paani on a pro-bono project.

This is an initiative by Harpic’s (Reckitt Benckiser) Social Mission Team to increase water conservation behaviours among children that are 10-16 years of age. The belief being that these children will soon act as evangelists for the older generations.

The Systems 1, Systems 2 Theory from the behavioural economics hypothesis proposed by Daniel Kahneman is influencing our approach to this research. Based on this dual process, we are looking at how people judge options and make choices using these two systems of thinking with a view to understanding how these systems help influence the decisions made by people and thereby change behaviour. We will be developing a behaviour change model and testing out the prototype, towards aiding Mission Paani.


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