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Subhransu Rout, the CMI Head of Bharti Airtel Ltd visited the Delhi Hive recently for an interactive talk on the future of Marketing Research and the urgent need for research agencies to adapt themselves to digital methods.

He started his talk by citing the core principal mentioned in Vijay Govindaranjan’s book on managing innovation - The Three Box Solution.
Box 1: Manage the present
Box 2: Selectively forget the past
Box 3: Create the future

He emphasised the need for organisations to balance their activities across all three boxes - being a basic imperative for all organisations to create the future while managing the present. It should also be a top priority for organisations to build resources and skill-sets for Box 3 - better to be prepared than taken by surprise by the shockwaves of change.

Presenting a list of the top 10 companies in the last 3 decades, he mentioned how the life cycle of organisations have shortened dramatically and how very few are able to outlast others in these fast-changing times.

With this context, he went into the details of how the landscape of Marketing Research in general has changed dramatically over the last few years with the arrival of digital tools working on the principle of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
He called for a change in the way research problems are approached - by fusing in appropriate digital tools at every applicable step of the process. 
While Analysis and Insights largely remain a human domain, and is likely to remain so in near future, most other steps of the research process are being automated, making research much more lean, fast and cost-effective.
Subhransu closed the talk by citing examples of tools the internal research team at Airtel is adapting itself to and urged the QCS team to integrate such tools in their projects. 
Airtel, and most other clients, will soon expect these digital tools to be part of the general research approach so better to be fully armed and ready!


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