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Suning is a leading online-to-offline (O2O) smart retail company in China. On Oct. 19, the 6th Suning user experience conference was held in Suning Nanjing headquarters with a focus on ‘retail’, ‘context’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘future’.

There was a common thread in all of the presentations. In order to provide valuable experience to users, businesses must put people first. A good user experience links not only to the product function and usage context, but the product & service ecosystem also matters - systems thinking is important.

The 3 consultancies who joined the talks all mentioned that they provide not only strategies and solutions, but also enable their clients to do the same. With one saying that “the client’s business might fall, but with their help, the fall can be controlled, and the learnings can contribute to the next try”.

Suning’s own sharing came from the IOT design centre, which includes 4 functions: product design, design research, brand management and user experience design. Moving from function design, they place a lot of emphasis on design for people and their lives.

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