Singapore – Masterclass in Human Centred Design

Quantum conducted a Masters’ class in Human Centred Design (HCD) with the students from NTU’s Master of Science in Marketing & Consumer Insight Programme. We spoke to them about the HCD approach to problem solving through lateral thinking and the lens of the human perspective.

Bangalore - Trendwatching 2020

The Bangalore team attended TRENDWATCHING 2020, to listen to world-class speakers deliver an expertly curated, big-picture view of the customer landscape and look at actionable innovation opportunities and lessons on how to navigate change.

Singapore - Quantum Perspectives Event: Happiness

Singapore held their third Quantum Perspectives event on 7 November, “What can science tell us about happiness?”

Shanghai - Attending the Suning conference

Suning is a leading online-to-offline (O2O) smart retail company in China. On Oct. 19, the 6th Suning user experience conference was held in Suning Nanjing headquarters with a focus on ‘retail’, ‘context’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘future’.

Sri Lanka - Masterclass Series: Anxiety Model

Quantum Sri Lanka conducted Chapter 2 of our Masterclass Series on 15th October 2019.

Bangladesh - Quantum Perspectives: Youth X Food

On the evening of September 4, we held a casual session to explore recent food trends among Bangladeshi youth and know their views and experiences on the role of food in their lives today.

Delhi - Increasing water conservation behaviour

Three Associates in the Delhi Hive, Kavya Narain, Puruvi Baraya, and Rishika Basu Majumdar are working with Aftab Kaushik, for Mission Paani on a pro-bono project.

Delhi - Defy & Innovate: Indian Market Research

This August Arindam Som, Insights and Analytics Lead at Glaxosmithkline, spoke to the Quantum India team on the upcoming ventures for GSK, focusing on the importance of instinct, extensive primary research, strategic gauging of target audiences and finally, good storytelling.

Singapore - Quantum Perspectives: Reading the human future of cities

With the new 10-storey Jewel being completed at Changi Airport by world-renowned Moshe Safdie, this sparked conversations at our second QP event around urban planning and how cities reflect the dreams and aspirations of each generation’s leaders and inhabitants.

Bangladesh - Best Field Supervisor Award

Every year the Bangladesh team arrange an award ceremony and dinner for the Best Field Supervisor.

Delhi - CMI Head of Bharti Airtel Ltd talks about digital methods

Subhransu Rout, the CMI Head of Bharti Airtel Ltd visited the Delhi Hive recently for an interactive talk on the future of Marketing Research and the urgent need for research agencies to adapt themselves to digital methods.

Innovation Meeting Phuket

We think its always important to get away from the office and the business so we can think about how to expand and innovate.

Sri Lanka - Dr. K's Archetypes training

Dr. K conducted an internal training session on Archetypes for the Colombo team.

Sri Lanka - Quantum Masterclass with our Clients

As an initiative to share our expertise with clients we conducted a masterclass with Dr. K.

Mumbai - Passion Projects

We like people to bring their passions to work and share the things they love to do outside of the office.

Jakarta - Quantum Perspectives: Exploring Indonesian Food Culture

On July 12 we held a breakfast and a film screening to explore Indonesian’s everyday obsession with food and how this plays out in the need to say something about self, the need for connection socially and with the past, and how this taps into our desire for experience and discovery against the back drop of culture.

Singapore - Quantum Perspectives Singapore Event: ‘Life in the Shiok City’

In January we invited clients to our office for an evening of film, wine and discussion on food heritage and culture.

Shanghai - Quantum Perspectives Shanghai Event: ‘Alleviating Urban Loneliness’

On July 26 we hosted clients and partners for a workshop on loneliness.
Our intention for the session was to introduce the topic, with the aim to identify key ‘tribes’, their dilemmas and solve them using an industry lens.

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