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Watch the first episode in our webinar series here - Winning in the New Normal.

When online dating sees the highest spike in video dates ever, what does that mean for romance? When an entire generation of first jobbers start their careers at home, what does that mean for the future of work? And why is everyone busy making banana bread?

We have heard a lot about COVID-19, but the lasting impact on human and cultural values is often overlooked.

At Quantum, we believe that businesses need to lead the New Normal with an intentional act of design – positioning human and cultural values at the core of our thinking. 

Tune into our webinar ‘Winning in the New Normal’ where we explore the human and cultural experience of COVID-19 and look at:

- How we identify which behaviours might last beyond the immediate?

- What could brand and innovation leaders learn from past crises?

- How we can use design strategy to shape the New Normal?


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