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We asked some of our Quantum team their thoughts on digital today and what it means for our business.


We need to evolve the mindset. Digital is part of the lived experience and should be integrated as such, instead of seeing it as a separate and standalone component. When we use the term "digital strategy" we may already be starting on the wrong foot with incorrect framing because the implicit assumption in people’s minds is that it is a separate entity. Hence the saying "there is no such thing as digital strategy, just strategy in a digital world."

Samantha Low, Lead, Singapore


It’s about understanding digital as an integral, essential, and seamless part of how people live today, and not as a different dimension that only specific groups of people operate in.

Our POV and way of understanding the world today needs to therefore necessarily include the online along with the offline as one single dimension. That gamers who coop up alone indoors all day aren’t “weird” but socialising in today’s way of living.

Fabian Tan, Lead, Shanghai


To me, digital is two aspects:

Embracing technology to collect information - analogue ways of collecting data are already beginning to see redundance and if we are to keep up with the Jones’, then we need to adapt.

Using technology to help decode all of that collected information - this could be algorithms, trawlers, or simply a bot that helps sense make.

To answer your question? Digital for our business is an inescapable transition - we need to decide if we want to be ahead of the curve and lead, or be behind the curve and master.

Nihal Ajinkya, Lead, Jakarta


No idea yet - but will find out, soon!

Mitchell Tan, Associate, Singapore

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