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Covid x Culture
Series Webinar

Watch our latest webinar here - “Designing for the Gender Experience”.

In your family, who has cooked most of the meals during lockdown?
Who has taken on most of the home-schooling responsibility?
And how do your kids respond when the news applauds female leaders for their handling of the pandemic?
With COVID-19, gender roles are in a state of flux… where could we go from here?

At Quantum, we believe that businesses need to demonstrate leadership for the New Normal with an intentional act of design - with human and cultural values at the core of our thinking.

Tune into our webinar ‘Designing for the gender experience’ to discover how gender roles have influenced the human experience of COVID-19 - and vice versa.

We explore the challenges that gender roles bring to everyday life during the pandemic, hopeful trends for the future, and the action that brands can take to support customers through this time.


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