speaking at the
EPIC Conference
October 18-22

There are no future facts.
Yet we humans constantly create potential futures through art, imagination, research, storytelling, planning, and design.

The EPIC2021 theme, Anticipation, explores how our work documents, anticipates, and crafts futures of its own.
Our daily practices of research, design, and strategy create landscapes of possibility. How do we open new paths—and obscure others—as we work to understand people, interpret wants and needs, propel change, navigate risk, assign cause, predict outcomes, and assess consequence?

Listen to our very own Siddharth Kanoria and Dimitri Berti who will be joined by Unilever’s Christi Kobierecka to discuss "The Future of Hygiene: Constructing Expansive Futures.”
They will look at how corporate, governmental, and community stakeholders anticipate the future of hygiene and shape sensitive governmental crisis-response strategies.

EPIC 2021 is two full days of virtual programs with 3 global schedules so you won't miss a thing!
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