Consumer Pulse
- The Rise of
the Gojek
Matulandi Arif Tene, Indonesia

The GoJek app and its drivers

Jakarta’s hellish traffic is notorious internationally, and it is only increasing. Weaving through traffic in an ojek (motorcycle taxi) is one of most well-known workaround for any who have stayed in Jakarta for any extended amount of time.

Recently a company called GoJek ( seized that opportunity, offering professional and organised ojek experience for busy metropolitanites, for transportation and delivery. Customers order by a smartphone app and enjoy information about their uniformed, smartphone-equipped driver as well as his position at all times due to a tracking feature utilising the smartphone’s GPS.

This is far more convenient to consumers, but at the same time creates friction with the independent ojek drivers. Recently there has been reports of independent ojek drivers ganging up on the easily identifiable GoJek drivers and chasing them away. The company’s representatives are working to solve the issue in a mutually beneficial manner.

Once these growing pains are resolved, hopefully those Jakarta traffic jams will be more manageable.

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