Consumer Pulse
- The Korean
wave finds
spiritual home
in South India
Sankarankutty Kartha

The Korean wave – the spread of Korean popular culture comprising of music, movies and drama started in India in the late 90s. However, it has been largely confined to Manipur and other north-eastern states

The wave has finally made its way into the south, and is currently showing signs that it is gaining favour among the youth in Chennai

While American TV shows have spread far and wide over India’s educated urban youth, Korean dramas like Boys over Flowers and Playful Kiss have gained traction with Chennai’s youth for its dream-centred storytelling with focus on relationships, while sexual references are largely ‘dialled-down’ compared to the American ones

Puthu Mugam, a TV channel focus on Tamil youth realized the potential of K- dramas among young girls and boys alike. They offer dubbed versions of many shows, and even have a marathon run of these on weekends

Chennai, historically has had strong economic ties with South Korea with many of the nation’s multi-national companies like Hyundai and Lotte being based there.

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