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Priyanka Matanhelia

While online shopping has made significant strides in the organized retail market in India, in-store shopping is also turning over a new leaf by appropriating social media apps such as WhatsApp.

On a recent field trip to a high-end retail store, the store staff told me that they are regularly in touch with their regular customers via what’s app. ‘Whats-Apping’ with customers starts out as a way to maintain social relations to retain them, but eventually morphs into a medium for making sales.

This is especially true for customers who live in tier II towns such as Chandigarh and Indore, who crave for high-end branded products but don’t have access to stores.

Hence, when the new collection comes in, the store staff sends pictures of new items on what’s app to these customers. If the customer likes the product, they deposit the money in the store staff’s personal account, who then purchase the items and couriers it to them.

Curating a personalised shopping experiences for their priority customers by setting up a proxy online store, these young enterprising retailers are giving a new meaning to the term, “Customer is King”.

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