Consumer Pulse
- Parsis and
their Endless
Love Affair
with their Cars
Bhakti Doshi, India

Recently, while helping a friend search for a second-hand car I was suggested by the dealer that “if you want a genuine good quality second- hand car, you can blindly trust a Parsi-owned car...” I was intrigued by this piece of information and we did some research on our own.

What we came across is that Parsi-owned cars are sold at a 20% premium vs. other used cars. This was because the Parsis are known for their art of automobile maintenance.

And this talent stems from the fact that when the motorcar first came to India, some of the first takers were the wealthy Parsis. In those days the motorcar, besides being a luxury, was a very fussy contraption that needed constant care and attention. The Parsis took it upon themselves to care for their cars. And this obsessiveness has become an inherent part of the Parsi behaviour.

Their eccentric behaviour around their cars is noteworthy:

  • Most Parsis name their car
  • In fact, it is not unusual to see them out on a holiday spending the day camping with their car or bike cleaning it bit by bit. Even Bollywood has the Parsi stereotypes where the Parsi uncle will clean and polish every spot on his already polished car.
  • Every festival the car gets a “haar” to show their love for it.
  • Most Parsis are known to celebrate their cars or bikes birthday. Some use it as an excuse to enjoy some cake or sweet!
  • Above all they are so finicky about the cleanliness of their car that most “bawas” will not allow you to eat or drink in the car, just to ensure it stays spotless.
  • So, next time you are considering a second-hand car you know where to look.

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