Consumer Pulse
- No Solitude
in Shopping
Wei Fen Lee

Online shopping is now part of everyday life, especially for young consumers in India.

It mimics offline shopping behaviour which is marked by a need for company and affirmation of product choice before purchase. Often, solo in-store shoppers are constantly on their mobile phones – either calling or texting – to discuss their purchase options.

Shopping is understood not just as a functional activity; it is instead the social interactions built into it that give the activity meaning and create ‘fun’ motivation for the consumer.

Annie from Delhi shares this impulse. Whilst shopping online, she is constantly in touch with at least two friends and her sister using Bluetooth, WhatsApp, email, and her mobile device to share images and thoughts about the products she is browsing.

They discuss in detail each potential purchase, brainstorming the occasions for use and also the appeal of the product price.

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