Consumer Pulse
- Indonesian
Food trends:
From Street
Food to
Instagram & Pop
up food
Matulandi Arif Tene, Indonesia

Snacking and eating has always been part of Indonesian society. However, a new trend has emerged in street food, to online & pop up food festivals. If the food experience before was enjoying the cuisine in a specific place, enjoying the ambience, some shift has now occured with the emergence of online shopping for food and thereby building a high trial experience.

Lots of new tastes and food are becoming popular online, especially through Facebook & Instagram. Interestingly, the market hasn't seemed to slow down, and the demand is getting higher. Open reviews help the consumer to choose between lots of interesting and new food, which has built a large amount of trial in this category. This emerging trend is also seen in the form of pop up food festivals (e.g: market & Museum, Jakarta Culinary World, etc.) which are frequented by locals. The focus is on trying new food experiences.

One of the most interesting trends is the move from traditional to a blend of Indo-Western food. For example kue cubit & martabak were school or traditional market snacks. But these are now having a surge in popularity again and becoming more mainstream.We now see kue cubit/martabak original – which is just flour – but also kue cubit / martabak green tea, Ovaltine, Nutella and Toblerone variations. 

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