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Food In India
Shilpi Sud

In recent past the food discourse in India has shifted from social and religious rituals to a lifestyle and nutrition centred discourse, leading to the emergence of the modern food template.

Traditionally, it was believed that ‘we become what we eat’.

The basic tent of Ayurveda (‘knowledge of life’) is that the food consumed impacts on the body, mind and soul.

Within the Indian caste system, the pure and satvik diet was believed to keep the mind, soul and body of the Brahmins calm, peaceful and pure devoid of temptation and evil thoughts.

Kshatriyas on the other hand typically consumed non-vegetarian diets considered appropriate for their traditions of valour and physical strength.

Belief that food not only builds the physical strength in a body, but also builds the character of the man has always been culturally strong.

But now, ‘we eat to become what we want to be’.

Food is becoming a projection of one’s desired lifestyle.

Pleasure and health are being brought together in an uneasy alliance.

In this ‘just now’ world, food must provide instant gratification, instant health and instant feel good.

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