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Travelling to new places is gradually becoming part of the lifestyle of Bangladeshi people, especially for those in the metropolis.

Though this is becoming a popular trend the purpose of travel varies from person to person. Some groups travel just to enjoy quality time with family and friends, while other groups use these trips for exploration.
Despite many areas for tourism in Bangladesh, this intrepid community has started to cross the border to experience diversification outside their own country. They are now making trips to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Europe and other countries as well.

This new trend has opened the door for new businesses to flourish, travel agencies.
Whilst this may sound strange, suddenly in this small country, where travel agencies have not existed en masse before, a considerably large number of travel agencies, small and large, have stepped into the business world and started to take a strong position in the field of marketing.
Consumers are becoming dependent on these agencies because they are able to help travelers get relief from anxiety when booking holidays to foreign countries with vast cultural differences. They are also popular due to their convenience for managing bookings in a shorter time than doing it yourself on line.

So, whilst other markets are moving away from agencies and organizing their own travel plans online, Bangladesh is opening up a new market of travel agencies which other countries may consider a somewhat dying market in the age of AirBnb,, Agoda and the like.



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