Consumer Pulse
- Ain’t no
river wide
enough to keep
me from getting
to school
Trusha Dalal

A young mother in Ex-Aurangabad has an 8 year old son. She wants her son to get the best possible education he could receive within the constraints that she has. She believes that her son must go to an English medium school. At this young age, the mother sends her son to a school which is 2 hours away from her village, even though there is an English medium school in the village they reside in. According to her, she needs to keep her son away from the ‘village environment’ and that the language and the culture in the nearby school is very ‘village like’. Her aim is to ensure that her child has access to better sensibilities and ‘polish’ than what is currently accessible to them. By limiting interactions with her own villages children and pushing him to be like the city ones, she feels she is creating better access and more promising avenues for him. She says, “I don’t like their accent and their language. This village environment is not good.”

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