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Aamir Siddiqui, India

The people of Jaana, Raison, Naggar, Bhagsu and many more towns in Himachal Pradesh use their next-door water-fall as a refrigerator during the summers.

Most of the people in these small villages/settlements do not have refrigerators and the shops selling snacks and cold drinks definitely DO NOT have refrigerators.

If you so wish to have a cold drink in the Himalayan summer during one of your holidays while stopping by to marvel on the beauty of nature in these valleys, you can take a dip in the water-fall and choose the cold drink of your choice, right in that same water fall.

These snack-points are mainly situated near popular travel destinations of road-trippers such as Bhagsu fall, Jaana fall, etc.

The locals also use the base of these water-falls for washing clothes and utensils but they do not do these activities near tourist hot-spots.

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