Consumer Pulse
- A Christmassy
Slice of the
Mithila Rao

Spotted outside a large local store catering to children – a long queue of excited mothers with their children. At the end of the queue is a man dressed as Santa Claus sitting on his elaborate chair.

These women, belonging to no one particular religion, were waiting to have their kids sit on Santa’s lap and have their pictures clicked.

While many countries are calling for a ban on the tradition of having your child sit on Santa’s lap owing to safety concerns, this is something that might be picking up in Mumbai.

This could be seen as a manifestation of a larger need to be more cosmopolitan
Consumers seem to be craving for different experiences, to live in cosmopolitan environments with exposure to different kinds of people Participating in such activities gives consumers access to the global without having to move out of their permissible zones permanently.

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